The Tower Stands

So now this Tower of Buckets stands. Majestic, in all its buckety glory. Standing proud against the sunset as it sways and topples over remains entirely upright. And all who happen upon its wobbly incredibly stable undisclosed location stop for a while, to rejoice in the sight of an excellent tower of buckets. Probably the best tower of buckets in all the world.*

*[Editor’s note. As far as current research shows, there are no other towers of buckets.]

So, if you want to help create the Tower of Buckets (tob? ToB? ToB) described above out of the rickety and moss-infested structure† that was the only thing available at the price we were willing to pay, help us out. Tell someone. Tell someone. Tell them about the place you found, deep beneath the earth. Tell someone where you hid the body. Ahem. Tell someone about this. Not about anything deep below the earth on another website.

As we all know, the Internet is a dark and scary place. The sort of place where the endless trolls, comment bogs and second-page-of-google-results deserts could trap a hapless surfer until the end of their days, slowly pulled into the world they found beyond the pixels. A place that definitely didn’t need an immense tower of buckets to fall headlong into it. Who knows what sort of permanent damage that could do.

Sorry about that.

I’ll try to post once a week, on a variety of subjects. I probably won’t. Once a month is more realistic. Correction – I aim to post between once a week and once a month.


1. I aim not to have footnotes. Footnotes generally lower to tone of things.

2. Self-contradiction

†Keep an eye on that moss. It may well come back at a later date.


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