Plans for the New Year

So. The year gone and done changed again. Which means that things will be happening. Vagueness. I am tired.

It’s a new year again. Whoopee. That said, calenders are a construct of society so any day can be a new year if you feel like it. You can probably guess how I feel about New Year’s Resolutions from that.

But I do have some plans for the Tower of Buckets in the new year. Obviously I’m trying to increase viewership, both overall and on a daily basis. If you read this and enjoy it, please, tell a friend. It would mean a lot to me – and it already means a lot that even a few people read this blog every day. This is only a hobby, but it’s very rewarding for me.

But I do have more specific plans for 2015. I’m going to keep writing at a post a week (post date is Thursday, check back when you can) and maybe throw in random posts through out the week. That will really depend on whether there’s anything in the news that catches my attention, or if my other commitments throughout the week take up more time than usual.

I also aim to start hosting and writing guest posts. On the topic, my co-conspirator thepythonguy will emerge from the shadows and start actually doing things publicly, rather than secretly influencing you from behind the scenes.

The only other plans I have are for a short series in January and February, about the chart that explains how the entire universe works. If you’ve read my previous forward-planning post, you’ll know what I’m talking about. There isn’t a date stamped on that yet,but it will definitely be starting this month.

Again, thank you for making the Tower of Buckets all that is, even if it isn’t that much. It means a lot to me that you are out there reading this. Thank you.

P.S. A few of you – I’m not sure how many – saw an incomplete version of the post before this, Spaaace! That was because of some really bad luck on my part. I had finished writing the first 2 parts of the post and was finishing up. I thought I had hit ‘save’, but it must have published by accident. I realised this about half an hour later and was going to take it down, but a massive power cut chose that moment to knock out my neighborhood for about 3 hours. No computer, no wifi, no lights. I just chose to give a few of you an insight into my writing process. If you did see the incomplete version, leave a comment. Thanks!


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