A question for you

If you occasionally read this blog – or read it regularly – I would compel you to read on.

I don’t know why, but I appear to be having a bit of a slump. Usually I get 2 or 3 views per day, but that seems to have declined – a few days ago, we just left a 5-day period with no views at all. So what’s up, guys? I don’t know if this is just standard February blues – or if there is something about the content. We’re in the middle of the periodic table event – is it that? So I’ve got a few questions.

I know that audience participation on blogs can be awkward. But hey – this would be a huge favour (that’s how we spell that over here). Thanks.

I know that as a reader you won’t get anything out of filling in these four questions, so you won’t exactly feel motivated. As a reader as well as a blogger, I can understand that feeling fully. But please. As a blogger, I don’t ask much. Even if you read this once every two months when you have nothing better to do, I appreciate you still coming back. (If this is your first time on here, ignore that sentence. And welcome. Have a look around, stay for a bit, the region makes some great coffee that I can really recommend).

This blog is still a tiny little corner of the internet – and the fact that it exists at all is largely thanks to you. If I hadn’t got the great response I had in the first month of doing this (87 hits in a month!) I really don’t think that this would exist today – or if it did, it would be a sporadic once-a-month kind of blog. I know that I’ve said some of this before, but that fact that you are there really means a lot to me. So I beg of you .

It will only take half a minute of your time, and it may keep this thing running in the not-at-all-like-clockwork way that it does. I swear that this will be the last thing that I will ask of you, as an audience, until at least April. To just scroll down the page and fill in this survey. If you have to, only do the last question. That’s the most important one.

Thanks again. It really, really means so much to me that I can ask you to do me a quick favour and I can (in the past) get a meaningful response. On behalf of the internet, I hereby give you a cookie*. For reading all the way to the end, and for hopefully filling in my little questionnaire. I sincerely hope you eat your cookie and think of the little tower of buckets that you just helped hold up. You’re a good person, and I commend you for everything.

*Cookies may be virtual. But treat yourself. Have a cookie on my behalf. You’ve earned it.


19 thoughts on “A question for you

  1. Hey there! I just found your blog through OM’s blog. If you’re looking for more viewers, visiting a whole bunch of blogs and leaving comments usually works. That and social media. 🙂


    • Thanks – as the blog is really a hobby, I don’t get a whole lot of activity, but I do my best. And thanks for voting – please, stick around. It’s great to have some views from outside the standard UK/US areas – thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I couldn’t answer your first survey question. because this is my first time visiting your blog. That’s also the same reason I couldn’t answer your second survey question. I don’t know what the Periodic Table Event is, so I didn’t answer your third survey question. I did answer your fourth survey question with “all of the above,” since that’s sort of the way I blog…and my blog is my favorite blog.


  3. Your poll is too unaccommodating of my true responses, so instead I’ll answer them here:
    1) I only just came across your blog like five seconds ago!
    2) I only just came across your blog like five seconds ago!!
    3) I’ve yet to look at the Periodic Table Event, but it sure sounds neat.
    4) Do whatever you want with your blog! Don’t let me tell you what you should do here — that’s what I’ve got my own blog for!!
    Cheers! (PS — I only came across your blog thanks to OM’s reblogging of this post.. OM taking notice of your blog will almost always give you a spike in views!)


  4. After I voted, the last poll only ’cause this is my very first visit, I saw Doobsters comment and it seems we’re pretty much on the same page, although he’s fibbin’ about his favorite blog, that would be mine, The Hillbilly Blogger, he just don’t want to admit it lol My advice is to keep on bloggin’.


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