Some good news for a change!

Good news! Yay! Go ahead and have a cookie, just cause the internet has some good news for you.

You probably know that last month, things dried up for the Tower. The month of February was a record low in terms of interest, views and happiness for us writer folk behind the keyboard.

I still haven’t properly attributed this to anything yet, although I’m fairly sure my lack of activity on other people’s comment sections was a big part of it. Anyhoo, in March things started to pick up. March the fifth was the first over-15-views day for a while (that’s the level I usually operate at). And then I hit the money.

On March 12th, around 9pm GMT (I think) I got a reblog by OM, who is the biggest person in terms of followers and views that I know. And things got mental. Here are the numbers.

On March 11th, I had no views (and by extension, no other stats). On March 12th, I hit 83 views from 32 people, got 22 likes and 26 comments. Which is more views than the month of February. I added 15 followers that day. That’s really big for me, given how I only had 11 followers before.

I know that the bigger bloggers out there are tutting at the meagre numbers that I typically get. But to me, those views mean so much. If you were one of those 32 people, I thank you deeply.

All of this is to say, I am no longer in a dry-up of views. We’re out of the drought, unlike California. Thank you so, so much for helping the Tower through this. Good luck in your life. And keep coming back. Thanks.



One thought on “Some good news for a change!

  1. The same thing happened to me 😀 Because of OM’s reblog I had such a crazy day of likes, comments and follows. It was really overwhelming 🙂 He really is such an awesome dude for supporting the whole WordPress community!


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