Debateball ~ gun laws

Also in the (massively) pro-gun camp is boteotu from , our resident crackpot conspiracy theorist.

Blogger at the Edge of the Universe.

*This is for TowerofBuckets*
~This should be fun…~
My view on guns and gun control are thus:
>SHORT VERSION: I’m against gun control of any form (anyone can own a gun, so long as they are trained in how to operate guns — tasers and/or pepper spray, with the relevant training, for kids).
It obviously doesn’t *just* do to say the ‘SHORT VERSION’ in regards to gun control — especially when this post is supposed to be for a rational debate ring…
Therefor, it is necessary to go through as many aspects of this gun control thing as possible (without turning the post into a novel).
Some logical reasoning, first…
It is perhaps intuitive to think that if we just banned guns outright, then nobody could get their hands on a gun, and thus no gun violence could be committed. That’s the…

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