there is an explosive so powerful it is impossible to study.

Nitrogen atoms like being in ‘triple bonds’, and if it is then it takes loads of energy to break apart. But if they aren’t in these triple bonds, they are liable to collapse into them and release lots and lots of energy in the process.

Azoidoazide azide (C2N14) contains 14 nitrogen atoms, none of which are in triple bond. This makes it extremely volatile and very, very explosive. If you touch it, it explodes. If you put it into a mass spectrometer, it explodes. If you expose it to too much light, it explodes. If you put it in water, it explodes. If you just leave it alone in a darkened vacumn chamber overnight (as the scientists did) it will probably explode.

The team studying the compound said “The sensitivty of C2N14 is beyond our capabilities of measurement.”

Azoidoazide azide was being developed as part of a program for the US Army. Be very glad that it didn’t work.


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