Today, listen to…

the Memory Palace on John Glenn’s experience in space

The Memory Palace is one of my very favourite podcasts. It’s a ten-minute throwback to a very particular historical story that you have almost certainly never heard of but will completely love. The music is great, the script writing is close to perfect and the end result is, as far as I am concerned, unparalleled in its field.

Glowing Orbs is about…well, it’s about glowing orbs. If I were to say any other words it would be ruining it. Just go and listen. Go and listen to the memory palace right now. It’s on iTunes, Stitcher, Antennapod and at

The Glowing Orbs episode can be found by clicking on this link here. Click here. Now. Just click. You’ll thank me for it.


2 thoughts on “Today, listen to…

  1. ronan coyle says:

    Hi There,
    This is a well crafted story, however there are inaccuracies and I feel it is unfairly condescending toward John Glenn.

    He reported the wonderful particle phenomenon on his 3 sunrises in visually descriptive terms without any hint of supernatural intelligence or spiritual beings. Had the automatic thruster not malfunctioned, he might have had the time to surmised their true nature (which 3 months later was observed to be ice by Scott Carpenter aboard the Aurora 7).
    Urine wasn’t ejected from the orbiter but into a catheter bag for analysis after the mission.
    I was disappointed in the tone of the story which erroneously depicts a truly courageous and intelligent man as being unimaginatively obedient and cutely superstitious, with toilet humour as the punchline!

    I appreciate all the work that goes into these podcasts but the above points are important for accuracy
    Huge respect for his publishing generosity,
    Ronan Coyle

    The Flight report (page 131) and radio transcripts from this mission are a fascinating read. page 131


    • Firstly, I will apologise on behalf of Nate for any inaccuracies/misrepresentations. Honestly, I’m not sure why the comment is here rather than on the memory palace website, but hey.
      Secondly, the reason I love the memory palace so much isn’t necessarily for the accuracy. It’s for the beautifully crafted story telling. Occasionally I hear things that I disagree with or know are wrong, and often feel moved to point that out. But sometimes I just sit back, let it roll and listen to the story. And without trying to sound patronising, that’s my suggestion here. If you don’t like this particular episode, try another – I only recommended this because I found it particularly poignant.


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