Today, listen to…

Welcome to Nightvale on … whatever Nightvale is actually about. It’s a long story.

For those of you that have been reading this for a very long time (all of seven months) will know, I am a little obsessed with the podcast Welcome to Nightvale. Which is … hard to describe. As /u/Captnq puts it over on

Okay, it’s a bit like a rhubarb’s kneecap and a little bit like rain jumping out of a tin dog.


Nightvale is a surrealist comedy drama set in a town somewhere in the vague southwest of America. It’s a weird, weird podcast set in a weird place. Don’t believe me?

Last year Nightvale had a mayoral election. There were two candidates – the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home and Hiram McDaniels, who is literally a five-headed dragon. There was also local billionaire Marcus Vansten, but he turned into an angel so can no longer be legally thought about. The ultimate winner (decided not by democratic vote but by counting and interpreting the pulses coming from Hidden Gorge) was actually former intern Dana Cardinal. Or her double. We still haven’t cleared that one up.

I would not recommend listening to the most recent episodes of Nightvale, as the show just finished a long plot arc involving aforementioned five-headed dragon, someone who looks a little like Frank Chen and a desert otherworld. If you want to start, go all the way back to Episode 1 and work your way forwards from there. If you aren’t hooked by 19B, give up. But it probably won’t come to that.

Anyway, I’ve an episode that (unusually) requires no knowledge of backstory whatsoever. All you need to know is that you are listening to Cecil Palmer, voice of Nightvale Community Radio. Have a listen.

(To listen, click this sentence)

Then if that gets you hooked, go back to the start by clicking this sentence.


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