Where you should be going

There is a place that you should be going right now. It is a place where all of us, the entire human race, should be going right now.

Actually it’s more of a collection of places.


Yup. Space. Once again we have orbited the collection of other topics what aren’t space, and circled straight back round to space again. Turns out we are on a stable orbit. At least, we haven’t crashed yet. Which in my books is a stable orbit.

Anyway. Space. Spaace. Spaaaace. I like space. You may have gathered this over the previous months of reading this thing. If I could get a one-way ticket to Mars, I would. I am in favour of just stopping all this stupid ‘national security’ stuff and reinvesting in space. To quote the almighty Brian Blessed:

Come on people! Get off your backsides and go to Mars!

Just read that in the voice of Brian Blessed and it becomes so much more awesome.

I’m going to be honest here. I think that the exploration of space and the quest for extraterrestrial life is the single most important thing that mankind┬ácan be doing in this age. More important than looking at the origins of the universe, more important than looking at subatomic particles and slightly more important than trying to battle against climate change. And I must say, the fact that we would probably make a lot of advances in those various field by going to space makes the choice much easier.

No, seriously. Ever since ever, people have been looking up at the stars and going ‘I wonder what’s up there?’ (citation needed, translated from primitive Sumerian). For all of history, we have been looking to the sky and wondering. First we used our eyes. Then Galileo built telescopes. Copernicus worked out the courses of the planets, Newton devised his theory of gravity, Kepler refined the planetary orbits. And now we have built spaceships that wander the solar system, learning more about the planets than we have ever known before. We have found water – liquid water – on two moons. There is ice on the Martian poles. On Titan, liquid methane carves rivers valleys and pools in seas. In the Venusian atmosphere, hurricane force 5 winds rage through clouds of sulfuric acid. Deep inside the sun, there is a layer that sings with the sound of a million solar orchestras. Even now, New Horizons has told us that the surface of Pluto is red. There is so much that we know, and even more that we don’t know yet. There are plans to send a lander back to the Moon, to drill below the regolith and look for water. There is a similar mission planned for Mars, with a drill to look for caves. The NASA tech lab has announced designs for a submarine to dive into the oceans of Titan.

There is so much out there, and so much that we need to know. We can never, ever stop exploring. We are bound for the stars, and anything else is just getting in the way.

Go to space. Go there now.


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