Apologies for inactivity/Today, listen to…

A double post! Oh boy!

Ignore the fact that both posts only total a few hundred words. Focus on the fact that there’s two of them! Yay!

This would have normally been 2 separate posts, but there isn’t enough content in either to merit a new post. Plus I don’t want to bombard you with dozens of really short posts, which I personally find quite annoying.

Yes, I have been quite inactive recently. The reason for this is threefold. Last weekend, I was in Normandy looking at D-Day landing sites and battlefields and so on. There will be a D-Day trivia dump next week. Then, when I got back, I found that my main working computer had gone AWOL. It has decided to stop turning on, which makes it hard to do work. I am currently writing this on a 7-year old laptop with no battery life at all. By next week, it should all be running again. Plus, the UK summer holidays started this week. So things have been a little hectic for me.

Anyway, to make up for the lack of activity, I have 2 recommendations for you to listen to this week.

Firstly, I want you to listen to the podcast Criminal, on the thefts at Triassic Park.

Criminal is, as they say, the best true crime podcast out there that doesn’t rhyme with ‘cereal’. It is largely like Serial, but it only spends 1 episode on each topic. That means that the range of topics covered is far wider than aforementioned other podcast could ever do. And the range of topics is massive – from mass book thefts to gang war to suicide helpers to police shootings.

The ‘Triassic Park’ episode isn’t about dinosaurs – it’s about a petrified wood forest in Arizona, from which people steal wood. It’s an epic adventure story with theft and curses and repentance, and fossilized wood. Listen at www.thisiscriminal.com , and find the Triassic Park episode here – by clicking this sentence.

And now, the first song recommendation – The Commander Thinks Aloud by The Long Winters. It’s a beautiful song about a rather unbeautiful topic – the crash of the Space Shuttle Colombia. I found it through another podcast (Song Exploder) and it is definitely the most powerful and beautiful song I have heard these few weeks. Listen to it on Youtube, by clicking this sentence.

I hope that makes up for the posting deficit. See you next week,


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