There are two ways to run a blog. You can just write and not care about audience, or you can try to get viewers obsessively. You can’t do both.

Challenge accepted, dear quoter. Challenge accepted.

Welcome to TowerOfBuckets. It is a tower. Of buckets. This you may have guessed, from the name. It is also a tower of blogs and whatnot along those lines. But mostly buckets. So many buckets. All the buckets. Please help us, there are too many buckets. It is hard to move. Or see the screen, or type. There are buckets in the way.

If you want a bucket, call this number: 07470-BUCKET.

Don’t, actually, I just made that number up. There may or may not be an actual person on the end of that line, but if there is, I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate a ton of prank calls and people asking for buckets. So, don’t call 07470-BUCKET. You can call it in your imagination, and imagine me answering and sending you a bucket.

Ahem. TowerOfBuckets is run out of the fair city of London, in uk. For those who don’t know, it is actually pronounced ‘uk’. Spread the word. When I say ‘fair city’, I actually mean a grimy pile of hipsters, pigeons, tramps and bad internet connection. Which is pretty good by uk standards. Don’t even ask about Birmingham. It is a dark and evil place.

The main man behind the Tower is albert_ross. Neither of those are parts of his real name. It is an old family joke for a relative with the unfortunate surname of ross. The joke goes that there are three names that he can never call his kids – Ross Ross, Albert Ross (albatross!) and Dave Ross (Davros, the creator of the Daleks in Doctor Who). So he picked up on the second one of those. At some point there will be a picture of albert. With a bucket on his head. That’s how we protect the online privacy and safety of our writers.

albert lives in London, with a very cute cat. He is interested in how history affects the present and the future, the design of the modern world, how to build things (all the things), how language affects the brain, how the brain affects how we interact with the world, how language affects how we interact with the world (in fact the whole brain-language-world triangle), how programming affects the world and they way we interact with it, how things affect how we interact with the world in general *pause for breath* how we can just cut the crap and get to Mars already, why the hell self-driving cars aren’t a thing yet, why the hell nuclear fusion isn’t a thing yet, why modern engineers in general should just get off their asses and do something, how particle physics affects the ‘real’ world, trying to understand what the f**k quantum mechanics even means, how we can exploit quantum entanglement to get faster-than-light communications and also cats.

The other main blogger (I say main, he has only written one post – but will write more soon. He will) is thepythonguy. He also lives in London, without a cat. He writes in this colour, from now on. pythonguy is interested in physics and programming (albatross’ words not mine…there are lots of other things too. Like politics). He’s lying. Just physics. Hey, there’s military history and engineering too asshat. Which you call ‘history of applied physics’ and ‘applied physics’. Tell the truth. I have never used those words. Well, maybe once…or twice. Keep believing that, python. Keep believing.

You can contact us all at towerofbuckets@gmail.com , or use the WordPress messaging system. Which probably works. I haven’t checked it.


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